Company Introduction       

Beijing Sagacious Intellectual Property Agency Co.,Ltd is a professional intellectual property agency registered at the State Intellectual Property Office and the Trademark Office. We are a member of Enterprise Credit Promotion Association in Zhong Guan Cun. We are qualified with engaging in patent application, patent prosecution, patent invalidation, patent litigation, patent transaction and so on.

We are co-founded by several experienced patent attorneys. We are a new-typed IP agency devoted to patent operation as one of our main business policies. Under a business theory of "Connecting Wisdom and Wealth, Promoting to Construct Intellectual Property-Oriented Enterprise", we are dedicated to helping enterprises to achieve asset appreciation, market share consolidation and expansion, weakening or removal of targeted competitors by means of appropriate patent mining and patent mapping, appropriate patent threats and confrontation, rational use of relevant laws and regulations.

Our main team members are compound talents with both technical research and development experience and patent agency experience. Some members even have overseas study background, enterprise patent management experience, or intellectual property forensic experience. Therefore, we can deeply understand how to do R & D and how to utilize patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets and other intellectual property so as to provide enterprises with a wide range of comprehensive intellectual property operation program.

We can provide our clients with patent agency service including patent application, patent invalidation litigation, FTO (free implementation of technology) and patent operation, trademark agency service including trademark registration, trademark dispute and trademark objection, as well as other intellectual property related consulting service such as copyright and trade secrets.

Our main team members have ever provided intellectual property service for Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China University of Petroleum, Datang Telecom, Alibaba, BOE, Huawei, ZTE, Haier Group, Hisense Group, Beijing Happiness Online Network Technology, Shenyang US-line navigation technology, Wansheng Pharmaceutical, Jiuxu Pharmaceutical and other enterprises or institutions. We have been accepted widely by clients.